Experience the joy of Music

  1. Teaching Philosophy
    My goal as a teacher is to make lessons fun, as early as possible. It is all about making music and students being creative, so they do not feel pressured to perform or to get things exactly right all the time. If there is any yelling to be done, the words should be things like “Great Job!”
  2. Rates
    40 minute lessons: $40
    60 minute lessons: $50
    *I recommend children under the age of 7 to have 40 minute sessions, due to their short attention span.*
  3. Enrollment Criteria
    Piano Lessons : age 5 & up
    Violin Lessons : age 8 & up
  4. Availability
    Currently accepting students. Please check the schedule for available timeslots.
  5. Location
    Located in Beaverton, Oregon around Murry Hills area.
    Within 15 miles from Portland, Oregon and within 10 miles from Hillsboro, Oregon.